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How to install IVMS CCTV


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Step 1

Go to a Browser such as Chrome and visit https://cloud.e-epos.com



Step 2
Goto CCTV and then Hikvision.

Step 3
Find the File you Need.
If using a PC - Look for the highest numbered version 3.
If using a Mac, look for the highest version with the suffix of .pkg or .pkg.zip

For example
iVMS-4200_V2.0.05build20190220_EnBp.pkg.zip (is for a mac)


Step 4
Run the downloaded file and on the Install, Tick what you need. By Default, the most likely items are already selected.

Step 5
Follow on screen instructions


If presented with the Dialog below, press enable


Step 6
Once the software is installed, Click on 'Device Management'.


On the Next Screen, press 'Add' at the top and then Select 'Hik-Connect'.

Step 7
Select 'UK' as your Region and press 'Login'


Step 8
Enter your existing username and password to log in


Step 9
Once completed, close any remaining open Windows and all of the Devices and Cameras you have access to will be in the Device Management List.

This Tab can then be closed so that you are back to your dashboard.


Step 10
From the Dashboard, you can now elect to either View the cameras live 'Main View' or view playback 'Remote Playback'



Go to "Main View"

Choose your Camera

Press the play Button to access cameras from the list below

Or you you drag across and it will fill the screens in automatically for you.

On Custom view you can save these to DVR 1 or DVR 




Go to "Remote Playback"

Choose your Camera

At bottom of Screen, in blue will be when motion has been detected, you can then move the blue bar to the time you required to view, also at the top of the screen is the date that you can go back too. Circled in Red
Also you can change how many screens you can look at with the viewing icon 3 left of the system icon at bottom of screen


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