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Configuring Built in Cash Drawer Ports (Particularly GT45 Series Demo)


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Many Terminals have a built in Cash Drawer Port that is controlled via a COM Port.

With these instructions you can test what command fires this Cash Drawer port, but many of these boards also allow you to save your OWN setting. This way you can make it work with your choice of Software as opposed to going back to the software house and asking for additions.

GT45 Series
These generally have 2 commands : 

1.  a fixed command to open
2.  a command can be set

Connect via a COM Port 
Usual Configuration is: 9600,NONE,8,1

Fixed command to open (hexadecimal)

     Sent: 1B 70 00 3C FF

     Back: no 

Setting command to open (hexadecimal)

     Sent: 02 05 05 07 07 + the set code (code length: 1-20)

     Back: the set code (code length: 1-20)

 Delete setting command to open (hexadecimal)

     Sent: 02 05 05 07 07

     Back: 00

Example: setting command:


2020 No.2 setting tool for cash drawer panel (COM port).exe

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