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Ininstalling Screenconnect when wont uninstall


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How to uninstall Screenconnect so you can Fix it or Reinstall it correctly - Their installer quite often insists on uninstalling the old version before updating and simply refuses to uninstall thus enabling you to either re-install a working one or remove it ...

Error 1603. The older version of ... cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group.
Error 1714. The older version of ... cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group.

Its not a very helpful message - especially if you're your own "technical support group"...

Download a version of the Screenconnect installer you are having an issue with BUT as an MSI version.
Open a Command Prompt window and type the following without the " and don't press enter yet.

"msiexec -i "

Now drag the MSI file from where you downloaded it, over your command prompt window and it'll copy the file location for you.
Complete the command with "/l*v c:\mylog.log" (Again without the " and this is a letter L)

You should now have something along the lines of :-

msiexec -i "c:/documents and settings/administrator/my documents/ScreenConnect.msi" /L*v c:\mylog.log

the C:\mylog.log is where it will save the file you need for the next step ...

Now rerun your installer and when if errors, just close the installer normally with the Cancel button.

Open the c:\mylog.log file and search for "Looking for sourcelist for product" (Again without the "'s)
If you look up a bit, you should see something like {4BBAA112-DD44-1234-8A62-B1C10D84758A}
Copy this number but without the curly braces

Now open Regedit and search for this phrase.

Once found - just double check it shows as 'ScreenConnect' on the windowpane on the right hand side. If it doesn't look in your log files for other keys similar to the above and repeat. On the basis it does, just rename the Key (Folder on the Left) to OLD-whatever code it was.

Close Regedit and rerun your installer and everything should be fine.



Thanks for the information on this go to (Who we couldn't have worked this out without) :-

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