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MSR Installation
There are 2 Sorts of Card Readers on these.
XN700MCRS is a serial version
XN700MCRW is a Keyboard Wedge version.
If you have a Serial version then the JP3 on the main board (B65) needs 1-2, 3-4 Closed
If you have a Keyboard Wedge version then JP3 needs 1-2,3-4 Open
To connect to the MSR on Serial it is on COM4 9600,None,8,1

Customer Display
Customer Display is on COM3 9600,None,8,1 and emulates as Epson DMD101 in ICR or IBM 2 Line in encomPOS

Cash Drawer
Whilst you can get a special lead to power a cash drawer on these, the port only throws a 5V Signal and you'll need to make the power up elsewhere. Suggest either use a 'Cash Draw Kick' or use a Receipt Printer Drawer Port.

Power Supply
This is a standard 3 Pin Kettle lead (Right Angled) on these units.

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