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How to Pair Ingenico EFT930B PDQ Terminals to their base


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To tell if a PDQ machine has been paired to its base station, have a look under the aerial/bluetooth symbol on the screen of the PDQ to see if their is a number. This is the Base Station Pairing number. If it is not present, follow these instructions to pair the device to its base station.


Step 1   -           Put the Handheld onto the Base Station you wish to pair it to

Step 2   -           From the Main Screen, Press the DOWN button and select option 0 – Terminal Management (Or similar)

Step 3   -           Press 3 – Should be Initialisation

Step 4   -           Press 2 – Should be Hardware

Step 5   -           Press either 3 or 4 – The option you are looking for is Cradle Setup

Step 6   -           Press Option 1 – Association

Step 7   -           Press Option 1 – New Base – Wait for a message confirming Success

Step 8   -           If it fails, retry the other steps again and if no joy call for Support on 0845-702-3344

Step 9   -           If it succeeds, keep pressing cancel until you get to the main screen, should now have a number under the Bluetooth signal bar.

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