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How to fix Windows Activation Loop Fix


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If you have a machine that is stuck in a loop asking for activation but not giving you the chance to activate then the following is a quick and easy fix to apply:-

1) Reboot the computer and enter 'Safe Mode with Command Prompt' by pressing the F8 key. - Keep pressing and releasing the key from power on until you are offered a list of options to boot from.

2) Once windows loads, you will end up looking at a command prompt. 

3) Type 'explorer.exe' and press enter. this should bring up the start bar.

4) Choose 'Start' then 'Run' and type 'rundll32.exe syssetup, SetupOobeBnk' and press enter- This is CaSe SeNsAtIve and the rundll part is two l's, there is a space after .exe, a comma and space after syssetup and the Oobe is two letter O's not zeros.

5) After about 10 seconds, the command should complete and you can then choose 'Start' and 'Shut Down'. Once the computer reboots normally, the fix should have been applied and you can carry on.

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